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Process air for waste water treatment

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Never before it has been so important to provide clean and efficient process air.

That's why our dedicated team of engineers and creative enthusiasts made it our business to provide with the PillAerator a turbo blower with the focus on the customers benefits and long term reliabitity. A highly efficient blower which sets new standards regarding:

Low Energy Consumption
Smart Controlling and Measuring

Adapts to several processes


We will find your perfect aerator..

One of top seven leaders of China Central Government, Mr. Li Zhan Shu, visited the successful Tian Fu WWTP, where our six PillAerator magnetic bearing...

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After the end of WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2019, there is no sign of a bad mood at TAUSENDWASSER.

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This snapshot with colleagues from Brazil, India and the USA was taken during a random meeting at the PillAerator headquarters in Moringen.

On the...

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