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State-of-the-Art Process Air Generation

Never before it has been so important to provide clean and efficient process air.

That's why our dedicated team of engineers and creative enthusiasts made it our business to provide with the PillAerator a turbo blower with the focus on the customers benefits and long term reliabitity. A highly efficient blower which sets new standards regarding:

Low Energy Consumption
Smart Controlling and Measuring
Adapts to several processes

Let's go to Miami: We're among the finalists!

Magnetgelagerte Turbokompressoren
Together with our parent company Piller Blowers & Compressors, we are among the finalists at the SAP Innovation Awards 2018.


We will find your perfect aerator.

Finally the new PillAerator brochures are here, with everything worth knowing about the most economical process air.

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With our parent company PILLER we are among the finalists at the SAP Innovation Awards 2018.


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Advantages of magnetic bearing turbo compressors in the pneumatic conveying of bulk solids


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