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Users of the PillAerator’s become our best salesman. Power savings they enjoy, reliability of the blower, wide operating range they use to better maintain the required oxygen levels in plants and the low noise levels all create for PillAerator repeat customers. If you are interested in further first hand reports from our customers maybe also from a different industry pleasefeel free to contact us so that we can set up a time when you can visit the plants.

WWTP Victor Valley, California, USA

The City of Victorville is located the Death Valley, CA, USA, the hottest area in North America. The local wastewater treatment plant treats about 13 million gallons sewage per day. In course of a energy efficiency improvement 2011 an old blower was replaced by a PillAerator MP12000. The result was a saving of up to 928,500 kWh per year and approx. $98,000 in energy savings. Thanks to this savings in 2013 another old blower was replaced by a PillAerator LP14000.

Read here the successs story of the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority. PDF 400 KB

Duderstadt saves energy with the PillAerator since 2008

With its 800-year-old buildings, the romantic town of Duderstadt in Lower Saxony is playing a pioneering role in saving energy in the wastewater treatment process. In 2008, it decided to switch to the PillAerator, which operates faultlessly, of course.


At a glance, Duderstadt is one of Germany's best-preserved medieval cities. With over 600 connected timbered houses, the city center has remained virtually unchanged to this day.

However, on closer inspection, the city reveals a second, future-facing vision. As a location for many high-tech companies, Duderstadt combines its proven tradition with trend-setting technologies. EWB Eichsfelder Wirtschaftsbetriebe Gesellschaft mbH is responsible for the wastewater treatment in Duderstadt. High maintenance and service costs as well as a ventilation solution that wasn’t optimally designed led to a rethink in 2008.

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