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Who we are and what we do

From engineer to workshop technician, we are heart and soul into our turbo blower. As a spin-off of Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH we have deep knowledge of turbomachinery and sophisticated projects. This knowledge we focus now exclusively on the PillAerator and its applications.

Magnetgelagerte Turbokompressoren


From the MGT 400 to the PillAerator

The foundations for today’s PillAerator were laid back in 1992 when a generator with magnetic bearings was developed at Piller. In 2005, the concept and the gained knowledge speeded up the development of a new product: a turbo blower with very high efficiency and maintenance needs as low as possible.

1992: MGT 400
2005: PillAerator Prototype
2008: Final PillAerator

2008 the PillAerator was presented for the first time at the IFAT in Munich. Today, six models of the PillAerator are available along with the master control unit BrainBox.

Our products are exclusively made in Germany at our headquarters in Moringen, Lower Saxony. We deliver and commission our turbo blowers worldwide. Before leaving our workshop, every machine is tested intensely and according to ISO 5389.

The BrainBox
PillAerator LP14000 with 400 HP motor power
PillAerator LP8000 as Hot Ambient Version with air conditioning

FACELIFT: The PillAerator today

Magnetgelagerte Turbokompressoren


The PillAerator - An Excellent Idea

We are very proud that our pursuit of developing a state-of-the-art product was recognized: in 2009 the PillAerator was awarded as a “Landmark in the Land of Ideas” by the national initiative “Land of Ideas” which under the patronage of the President of Germany. From among 2000 applicants the PillAerator was selected. The innovative concept and its trend-setting eco balance made the difference. This award is still our motivation to provide innovative solutions with high quality and high efficiency.

Award Ceremony Landmark in the Land of Ideas 2009

from left to right: Joachim Schmitz, Nils Englund, Kofi Adomako, Walter Flecken, Hans-Joachim Ring